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Modern Dining Room Furniture

The dining room deserves comfortable and gentle furniture pieces for meals. We have for you upholstered dining chairs in several very comfortable colours. You can customize the colour to be to your personal taste and also the wood or tips of the feet. In the dining tables you will find several models with emphasis on the extendable dining tables we have that allows you to accommodate more guests than in the standard measures. In addition to rectangular tables, we also have round tables for a more exclusive look. You can also choose between wooden or glass tops. In our selection of wooden sideboards you will find several models in different shades of wood, darker or lighter. In addition to allowing you to store various kitchen utensils, you can place various decorative objects on the top to give this room a more modern look. You can also see our collection of showcases that allow you to store bottles or wine glasses as well as give a touch of gentle decoration with exposed books. With Pacheco’s pieces, your dining room will become modern and sober.