Quality Policy


To be a reference company at a national and international level in the production of furniture;


To design and develop classic and modern furniture that exceeds clients’ expectations;


  1. To strengthen relations with Customers, in order to understand their needs, so that we can constantly satisfy them.
  2. To ensure the profitability necessary for the survival and maintenance of the Pacheco’s image, created over more than 40 years of existence.
  3. To reinforce the company’s culture, which is based on prevention, participation and the involvement of everyone as responsible for quality management, with a greater focus on planning product quality, operational effectiveness, improving overall productivity and training actions, so that, in the end, we can continue to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.
  4. To diversify our products, in order to maintain our presence in the markets we have already won and to penetrate other segments, by annually developing new lines suited to the various needs.
  5. To continue to improve the team of our employees, namely in terms of competence, motivation and assiduity, thus ensuring adequate competitiveness, to face the increasing and better competition and the economic guidelines of the market.
  6. Ensure that all our employees comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, minimising the probability of accidents.
  7. Ensuring the least possible damage to the environment in order to optimise consumption of scarce resources.

In short, we want a team that is always motivated to work, all working in the same direction, in order to achieve all the objectives presented.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, we must ensure that:

  1. The Administration provides the company with the means necessary for the implementation of the Quality Policy.
  2. The people in charge of the Departments internalise this policy, and they set an example in complying with the requirements, motivating and encouraging all the staff to follow the Quality Policy.


The company’s Administration declares as its priority objective for all Departments and Sectors, the adherence to the principles set out in this Quality Manual.

IPP – Irmãos Pereira Pacheco, SA

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